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STEP 01 - Type of Help Needed?

24 "Life Saving" Categories to Choose From!

Start Easy Search - "STEP 01"

STEP 01 - Type of Help and Assistance?

There are 24 "Life Saving" Categories to choose from below!

Please review (read) and decide the "Type of Help or Assistance" that your looking for! Please read the information... it's to your advantage!

When you finish STEP 01 (1st of 3 steps) proceed to STEP 02.

Let's Get Started, it's as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Review 24 "Life Saving" Categories!

Review 24 (twenty four) "Life Saving" Categories below and then decide the Type of Help of Assistance you need or that you are looking for! When your finished reviewing the Categories below... Tap or Click on "STEP 02" to continue! It's that Easy!

Get Help Now! "We're Open"

Open 24 Hours!

Clean and Sober America is Open 24 Hours for Help and Assistance!

Detoxification is a Emergency!

Life Saving Emergency!

Detoxification from "Alcohol and or Drugs" can be Life Threatining! Learn More Now!

Get Intervention Assistance!

Family and Friends!

Have a Family Member or a Friend that needs to Get Help Now? Learn More Now!

Find a Treatment Center Now!

Alcohol and Drug Abuse!

"Treatment Centers" Help for Alcohol, Drugs or Addictions!. Learn More Now!

Many Recovery Programs!

12 Step Programs!

12 Step Programs for Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Addictions! Learn More Right Now!

Sober Living / Housing!

Clean and Sober Living!

Clean and Sober Living is "Very Important" for you! Learn More About Sober Living!

24 "Life Saving" Categories!

Ongoing Recovery Works!

Ongoing Recovery!

Ongoing Recovery is Really Great! Stay Clean and Sober! Learn More Right Now!

FREE Recovery Resources!

FREE Recovery Resources!

Resources that will Help You Now! Be sure to Explore all the FREE Resources! 

Additional FREE Resources!

FREE Recovery Resources!

Additional FREE Resources that are "Designed to Help You" Right Now!

Even More FREE Resources!

FREE Recovery Resources!

Correct, we Even Have "More Free Resources" that you will find Rewarding!

A.A. Support Online!

Alcoholics Anonymous!

One Alcoholic Helping another started with Bill W. and Dr. Bob! Learn More Online!

N.A. Support

Narcotics Anonymous!

Drugs, Substance Abuse or Addiction? Narcotics Anonymous works! Get Help Online Now!

C.A. Online Support!

Cocaine Anonymous!

Cocaine destroys lives and is devistating. Crack Cocain is a Nightmare! Learn More Online!

G.A. Online Support!

Gamblers Anonymous!

Have a Gambling Probem? You can Get Help Right Now! Learn More Online!

O.A. Online Support!

Overeaters Anonymous!

Overeating is a real problem effecting your Life and your Health. Learn More Online!

Al-Anon Online Support!

Al-Anon Family Groups!

Is a Family Member suffering from Alchol or Drugs? Learn what to do Right Now Online!

Alateen Online Support!

Alateen for Teenagers!

If your a Teenager Alateen is Right for You! Learn More! Teenagers Clean and Sober!

Faith Based Recovery!

Christian Faith Recovery!

Are you Seeking a Christian Faith Based Recovery? Learn about Faith Based Recovery!

Need Help? Get Help Now!

Find a Good Sponsor Now!

Do I Need a Sponsor?

You Need a Sponsor! Your supposed to Have a Sponsor! Get a Sponsor Right Now!

Cleand and Sober Forum!

Forum Open 24 Hours!

Clean and Sober America has a Forum that is Open 24 Hours Online for you!

Volunteers Needed Now!

America's Opioid Epidemic!

Volunteers are Needed! Over 1/2 Million People Have Died from Addiction!

Full Time Work Employment!

Need a Full Time Job?

Looking for a Full Time Job working for Clean and Sober America? Learn More!

Part Time Work Employment!

Need a Part Time Job?

Looking for a Part Time Job working for Clean and Sober America? Learn More!

Chat Online with us Right Now!

Chat with our Staff Online!

Clean and Sober America's Staff is Ready and Avaiblle to Chat with you Right Now!

24 "Life Saving" Categories! "Types of Help and Assistance" Available Right Now! 

When Finished... Tap or Click on the "Big Blue Button Below" 

Go to STEP 02 (2nd step of 3).

STEP 02 - Select Where You Live!

Tap or Click the "Big Blue Button Below" to Select Where You Live! 
After you select the State and County where you live you can then proceed to STEP 03 the "Final Step" to receive Immediate Help and Assistance!
Go to Step 02 of 03 Easy Steps!

EASY SEARCH  "Type of Help and Assisttance"

24 "Life Saving" Categories to Choose From!

One Half a Million People
Have Died from America's Opioid Epidemic

Serving all 50 States across the U.S.A.