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Clean and Sober Florida Opioid Epidemic! Statewide Crisis!

24 HOUR HELP & ASSISTANCE for anyone in Florida "Reaching Out for Help" for Alcohol Dependency, Drug Substance Abuse or Addiction in General.

Thousands of Floridian's Have Died from Florida's Opioid Epidemic.

"Picture of Hospitol Emergency Response Helicopter"

Florida Picture and Information


The above picture is a LifeNet Key West landing at Lower Keys Medical Center in Key West, FL. LifeNet Key West is based at this pad and operates a Eurocopter EC-135 P2+. 

They provide First Response Trauma Alert Air Transport for the City of Key West and holds contracts with all three Florida Keys Hospitals transporting Critical Care Patients to Miami-Dade and Broward County Hospitals.

If you are suffering from Alcohol Dependency, Drug Substance Abuse or Addiction in General be grateful that you are not in a Hospitol Emegency Room and are still Alive and Above Ground! Thousand of Human Being have Died from Florida's Opioid Epidemic which is now a Statewide Emergency declared by Florida Governor Rick Scott.

If you need help with Alcohol Dependancy, Drug Substance Abuse or any type of Addiciton in General you can Get Help and Asssitance Right Now in all 67 Florida Counties! 

We are Open for Florida 24 Hours for you to Telephone Toll Free 1-888-80-SOBER (1-888-807-6237), make a Video Call from your Mobile Device, Send a Free Text Message from your Smart Phone, Send a Free Priority E-mail and or you can Chat Online Right Now for Free with our Clean and Sober Staff that will Answer Questions and provide Help and Assistance. 

Source of Picture: Wikimedia


Clean and Sober Florida is Open 24 Hours for immediate Help and Assisitance for Anyone Living Anywhere in Florida that is "Reaching Out for Help" for Alcohol Dependancy, Drugs / Substance Abuse or Addictions in General.

> Call us Toll Free 1-888-80-SOBER (1-888-807-6237).
> Make a Video Call and Connect using Skype.
> Send us a Text Message from your Smart Phone.
> Send us a Priority E-mail from any Internet Ready Device.
> Chat Online Right Now with our Clean and Sober Staff and we will Answer Any Questions that you have. 

If you Need Help or Assitance in Florida we are Standing By, Open and Available 24 Hours to provide you with Help and Assistance at NO Cost, No Obilgation and 100% Free of Charge. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please... if you do not Get Help from us get Help from any Reliable Source becouse above all else ""Your Life is the Most Important Aspect of All".

Florida Opioid Epidemic General Information!

Florida's Governor Rick Scott has declared a "State of Emergency" due to Florida's Opioid Epidemic Crisis that is "Destroying the Lives" and "Taking the Lives" of Floridian's Daily.

Please Watch the 5 (five) Video's Below!

Pain Medication Denied Cancer Paitents!

Patient's with Chronic Illness and Cancer that Depend on Pain Medication are Denied!

Governor Scott Declares Florida Emergency!

Florida Governor declared Florida a State of Emergency due to the Opioid Epidemic.

Governor Rick Scott Signs Bill in Florida!

Florida Governor Rick Scott signs "Brand New Legislation" to fight Florida's Opioid Epidemic!

City of Delray Beach Issues Heroin Warning!

Spike in Heroin Usage results in a "Official Heroin Warning" from the City of Delray Beach Police.

Worst Drug Crisis Ever in America & Florida!

Over One Half a Million People "Have Died" from America's Opioid Epidemic to include Florida!.

Woman Looking at Phone

Patient's with Cancer Denied Medication!

Please watch the Video below to learn how Patient's with Chronic Illness and Cancer are being denied Life Saving Pain Medication with Paitents Dying as Direct Result.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Floridian's with Chronic Pain to include Cancer in many cases are being Denied Opioids by Doctors, Denied Opioids by Pharmacy's to include being Denied Opioids in Florida Hospital Emergency Rooms that suffer from Extreme Physical Debilitating Pain.

Patient's with Chronic Illness and Cancer that Depend on Pain Medication are Denied

Florida's Opioid Epidemic has been called a Crisis and is a Official Florida Statewide Public Health Emergency.

Florida along with 49 other States that are Fighting the Opioid Epidemic which has Destroyed Families and taken the lives of over a Half a Million People Nationwide.

BUT... if people that are Genuinely Medical Dependant on Pain Medication (to include opioids) are being denied Life Saving Pain Medication, the question is How Many Patients have to Suffer (withdrawals) or Die (suicide) from Chronic Pain and Cancer.

Buttons below provide important information.

Video | US Navy Surgical Team


The backround picture above is of Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Queena Nash, left, passes a pair of hemostats to Ship's Surgeon, CDR Stanley Napierkowski, during a surgery to repair a Sailor's inguinal hernia in the operating room on board the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75). 

CDR Napierkowski is the senior-most ship's surgeon serving in the Navy today. The USS Harry Truman is currently underway conducting flight deck certifications off the U.S. East Coast. 

U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Kristopher Wilson. 

(Released by ENS David Lloyd) 

Source of Backround Picture: Wikimedia

Source of Information: United States Navy

Florida Opioid Abuse vs. Medical Dependence

The Opioid Epidemic in the State of Florida is "Officially a Public Health Crisis" with the News Media Strongly Reporting Statewide. Please review the following information.

  • OUR MISSION - Clean and Sober Florida provides 24 Hour Help and Assistance for anyone that is suffering from Alcohol Dependency, Drugs / Substance Abuse or Addictions in General based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous to include Al-Anon for Families and Alateen for Teenagers. That anyone desiring a "New Way of Life" in Florida can Get Help and Assistance they need right now.

  • OPINION RECOVERY COMMUNITY - In general the Recovery Community (people that are Clean and Sober) are of the opinion that if someone is under a Doctors Care, taking Pain Medication prescribed by a Doctor to include Opioids for Chronic Pain or Cancer should Not be Condemned, Not be Judged or Made to Feel that they are not being true to themselves; if genuinely taking Pain Medication to improve or sustain "Quality of Life". 

  • THERE IS A DIFFERANCE - There is a difference from a) Individual abusing Opioids for what is referred to as "Taking Recreational Drugs" becoming Addicted over time and 2) Patients that seek genuine relief from Debilitating Painful Chronic Illness to include Cancer. In many cases patients that depend on Opioids Daily that are under a Doctors Care, it is a matter of “Quality of Life” or even “Life and Death”. Awareness to Florida's Opioid Epidemic created Hardship for Patients that truly suffer from Medically Diagnosed Chronic Illness to include Patients with Cancer.

  • REGARDING FLORIDA'S OPIOID EPIDEMIC - Clean and Sober Florida provides 24 Hour Help and Assistance to include all 67 Counties Statewide Coast to Coast for anyone living anywhere in Florida that desires a "New Way of Life". To live life Clean and Sober. Our Clean and Sober Staff Members have overcome Alcohol Dependency, Drugs / Substance Abuse and Addictions in General and remain Clean and Sober by Helping Others.

  • OUR POSITION - Clean and Sober America to include our Florida Website (that you are viewing now) to include our Founder, Management Team and Staff does not Condemn, Judge or Look Down Upon anyone that “Genuinely Suffers” from Chronic Illness to include Cancer. Taking Pain Medication in order to sustain Quality of Life and Prevention of Death from Suicide is a very serious matter.

  • FORMAL STATEMENT - Anyone that is truly Suffering from Chronic Illness to include Cancer has the opportunity to Live Life to the "Best of there Ability" to do so. To be Happy, to Smile, to Help Others and to Not Give Up on Themselves.

    This is Our Position and a Formal Statement to the General Public by Clean and Sober America dedicated to providing 24 Hour Help and Assistance for anyone “Reaching Out for Help” Nationwide.

     We are "Open 24 Hours in Florida" for immediate Help and Assistance!

    Contact Us Right Now!

Florida Opioid Epidemic Video's!

We encourage you to take the time to watch the following Video's regarding the State of Florida's Opioid Epidemic. At anytime feel free to Contact Us 24 Hours and we will provide you with immediate Help and Assistance answering any questions you may have.

Florida Governor Rick Scott Declares "State of Emergency" for Epidemic!

Florida Governor Rick Scott declared that Florida is in a State of Emergency due to the Opioid Epidemic that is taking the lives of Floridian's Coast to Coast throughout the Sunshine State.

As a direct result Florida State Officials received 27 (twenty seven) Million Dollars to combat Florida's Opioid Epidemic in Federal Grant Money that is taking the lives of Floridian's.

Governor Declares Emergency | Man Sitting on Steps


The picture is of a Man sitting on Concrete Steps alone with his hand on his cheek. You do not have to be alone, we are Open 24 Hours for immediate Help and Assistance in Florida. Contact Us Now, you will be glad you did.

Source of Picture: Webmaster 

Governor Rick Scott Helping Florida!

Watch the Video of Florida Governor Rick Scott Signing Bill to Help Floridian's Statewide regarding the Opioid Epidemic that's Creating Devastation and taking the Lives of Florida Residents!

Florida Governor Rick Scott "Signs Bill" to Fight Opioid Crisis!

Florida Governor Rick Scott signs "Brand New Legislation" to fight Florida's Opioid Epidemic Crisis which the Florida Governor states that 7 (seven) People Die Daily due to the Crisis.

The Bill enacts "Stiffer Penalties Statewide" (in all 67 FL Counties) to Fight the Opioid Epidemic, a Crisis in the Sunshine State.

With 113 (one hundred and thirteen) Million Tourist Visiting Florida last year Governor Rick Scott hopes that "We Don't Loose another Life" from Florida's Opioid Epidemic Crisis.

Video Florida Governor Signs Bill | Picture Five Flags of Florida


PIcture was taken on January 2003 according to avaible EXIF Data (exchangeable image file format).

Source of Picture: Wikimedia

Florida Issues a Heroin Warning!

The Florida Opioid Epidemic is resulting in devastation for Florida Cities, Towns and Communities Statewide. Watch the YouTube Video below and Learn More Now!

Opioid Epidemic in Florida Cities, Towns and Communities!

City Police Report Spike in Heroin Overdoses and Deaths!

Spike in Heroin Usage results in a "Official Heroin Warning" from the City of Delray Beach Police Department that the Opioid Epidemic is a Florida Statewide Crisis is "Taking Lives".

Police Issue Heroin Warning | Thunderstorm Approaching


The picture above indicates that a "Terrible Storm is Approaching". The difference between the picture above and the Opioid Epidemic is that the "STORM IS HERE NOW".

So many people have died in America and the State of Florida, as American's we must have Victory from this Horrific Crisis that Not Only Ruins Lives but of greater concern is that are "Poeple Dying Daily". 

Source of Picture: Webmaster

"Worst Drug Crisis Ever"

The Opioid Epidemic has taken over a Half a Million Lives to include Florida! This is a National Emergency and Absolutely the Worst Health Crisis Ever in American History!

The "Worst Drug Crisis Ever" in America to include Florida!

CDC (center for disease control and prevention) reports 91 (ninety one) Deaths are being reported Daily Nationwide. Faith, Courage and you're Prayers are Needed Right Now!

Over One Half a Million People "Have Died" from America's Opioid Epidemic to include Florida "Destroying Lives" resulting in deaths of Baby's, Children, Teenagers, Adults and the Elderly.

Florida residents learn more about America's Opioid Epidemic a National Crisis! Select the "Blue Button" below!

50 ABC Affiliates Report on Opioid Crisis | USA Flag


Background picture of the Flag of the United States of America with a Helicopter seen on the Right Hand Side of the Flag.

Source of Picture: Webmaster

Get Help in the Sunshine State!

We are Open 24 Hour's for Help and Assistance! Florida Telephone Toll Free, make a Video Call with Skype, Text Message, Email or Chat Right Now with our Staff Online!

Florida Visitors Select from 5 (five) Contact Option Below!


Florida Do Not Delay! Get Help Right Now!

 Help and Assistance for 67 Florida Counties! 

Florida Open 24 Hours!67 Florida Counties!
Alachua County, FL.
Lee County, FL.
Baker County, FL.
Leon County, FL.
Bay County, FL.
Levy County, FL.
Bradford County, FL.Liberty County, FL.
Brevard County, FL.Madison County, FL.
Broward County, FL.Manatee County, FL.
Calhoun County, FL.Marion County, FL.
Charlotte County, FL.Martin County, FL.
Citrus County, FL.Miami-Dade County, FL.
Clay County, FL.Monroe County, FL.
Collier County, FL.Nassau County, FL.
Columbia County, FL.Okaloosa County, FL.
DeSoto County, FL.Okeechobee County, FL.
Dixie County, FL.Orange County, FL.
Duval County, FL.Osceola County, FL.
Escambia County, FL.Palm Beach County, FL.
Flagler County, FL.Pasco County, FL.
Franklin County, FL.Pinellas County, FL.
Gadsden County, FL.Polk County, FL.
Glades County, FL.Putnam County, FL.
Gulf County, FL.Saint Johns County, FL.
Hamilton County, FL.Saint Lucie County, FL.
Hardee County, FL.Santa Rosa County, FL.
Hendry County, FL.Sarasota County, FL.
Hernando County, FL.Seminole County, FL.
Highlands County, FL.Sumter County, FL.
Hillsborough County, FL.Suwannee County, FL.
Holmes County, FL.Taylor County, FL.
Indian River County, FL.Union County, FL.
Jackson County, FL.Volusia County, FL.
Jefferson County, FL.Wakulla County, FL.
Lafayette County, FL.Walton County, FL.
Lake County, FL.Washington County, FL.

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In Florida to include all 67 (sixty seven) Counties you can get Immediate Help and Assistance in the Sunshine State Coast to Cost Right Now! If you are suffering from Alcohol Dependency, Drugs / Substance Abuse or Addictions in General have Courage, have Hope and Get Help Right Now! The Opioid Epidemic is a "Real Threat" to our Nation and the State of Florida with people dying in record numbers daily!

Florida's Opioid Epidemic is Statewide in 67 Counties!

One Half a Million People
Have Died from America's Opioid Epidemic

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